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Is It Time to Break Up with Your Lease Admin Software?

Is it time to break up with your lease admin software?

As your company grows and takes on more and more locations, lease administration becomes even more critical to success. The risk of missing a renewal or other important deadline grows with every new location you add. Is your current lease admin software is keeping pace with your growth plans?

Outdated or inadequate lease management technology is nothing but cement around your feet, dragging you down as you strive to move forward. This foundation that manages your growing portfolio of locations should be solid, adaptable, and capable of supporting your growth ambitions. Yet, if your lease admin software is not the right fit, it becomes a hindrance rather than a catalyst for progress.

After hearing feedback from multi-unit operators facing this same set of challenges with outdated or inadequate lease management software, we’re here to help. We’ve teamed up with our team of internal real estate and lease experts, as well as a variety of end users and real estate industry veterans for this ebook, “Breaking Up with Your Lease Admin Software.”

This resource covers:

  • Warning signs indicating it might be time to break up with your current lease admin software
  • Risks of sticking with technology that doesn’t scale, and the perils of failing to plan for the future
  • Insights and strategies needed to future-proof your business and ensure your technology evolves alongside your aspirations.

It’s time to break free from the shackles of inadequate technology and embrace a future filled with possibilities.

We hope this resource helps. And when you’re ready to look for a modern, easy-to-use, scalable lease management technology, Leasecake is here to help.

Watch this 2 minute overview video to learn more, or schedule a demo today to talk with one of our leasing specialists about how our platform can help make your job easier, so you never risk losing a lease or location again.

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