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Is There an MLS or Zillow for Commercial Real Estate?

Searching for properties on Zillow became a hobby for many people during the pandemic shutdown. But sadly, joyful Zillow scrolling doesn’t always translate to those looking for commercial real estate listings.

So, where do you turn if you’re in the market to lease commercial real estate?

Fortunately, there are a few websites dedicated to commercial real estate listings. However, commercial real estate still lags behind residential when it comes to the availability and reliability of online listings.

Where Can I Find Commercial Real Estate Listings?

Websites such as Zillow, Trulia (a subsidiary of Zillow), and come to mind when most people want to search residential listings. Rentals also appear in the MLS (Multiple Listing Services), which, contrary to popular belief, isn’t one giant national database. Instead, it’s a cooperative of nearly 600 regional databases.

When it comes to commercial property, however, there is one major player: Loopnet. As the primary online listing service for commercial real estate, it might seem like this 800-pound gorilla is the only game in town. But there are other options:

OfficeSpace – Clean, modern design with an intuitive user interface. Plus, it shares a name with one of our favorite movies. We can only hope they include a red stapler with every signed deal.
Rofo – A listing aggregator that offered a good selection of commercial options in our area during test searches. The UI is a little dated, but the info seemed on point.
Digsy – Worth noting: In our research, we couldn’t browse listings without giving up our contact info. While not necessarily a dealbreaker, it was a turn-off for us.

Off-Market Commercial Real Estate

Off-market commercial real estate properties are locations that aren’t formally listed, which means you’ll never find them in an online search. However, you might hear about them through your network. It’s also possible to luck out and spot a “for lease” sign while driving around scouting locations.

If you want to take a more proactive approach, you can identify buildings you’re interested in and then contact owners directly to see if they have vacancies.

But your best bet is striking up a relationship with a tenant-rep broker who knows the market and has connections with landlords, property managers, and developers.

A well-connected commercial broker who specializes in helping tenants will learn about your business and become an essential part of brand expansion. Not only can a tenant-rep broker procure sites, but they will also oversee lease negotiations and provide consistency in deal-making.

Leasecake Can Help 

Our simple, intuitive app makes lease and location management a piece of cake. We track important dates, store crucial information, simplify compliance, and improve collaboration for your entire team.

But even before you sign an LOI or start build-out, Leasecake can help by connecting you with vetted commercial brokers. We have an extensive network of tenant-rep brokers – and we’re happy to provide referrals.

Schedule a demo to learn more.

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