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New Features: Key Dates, Rent Projections, and Invitation Updates

Some people take a few weeks to get back up to speed after the holidays. But not our development team!

That candy-cane-fueled crew jumped in before the snow globe settled and started knocking out new features to make the world a better place for location management.

Take a look at what they’ve been up to:

  • New Key Dates
  • Rent Projection Report
  • Team Invitation Updates


New Key Dates

When a tenant gets access to a newly rented space, the definition of “access” can be fluid. Sometimes there are multiple dates in a lease that reflect different types of access. Here are two examples:

  • Access granted for tenant improvements and move-in, but rent has not yet commenced.
  • Access for employees or contractors only, but not yet open to the public.

Customers asked for additional flexibility in how they record and track lease dates — so we delivered with the new “rent commencement” and “delivery date” fields.


Rent Projection Report

Cash flow is king in business, and we’re here to help with a report that lets you view and export projected rents for all your locations. The system now provides a way for you to view future rent collections by:

  • Location(s)/Tenant(s)
  • Date range


Team Invitation Updates

You invite a team member to join you in Leasecake, and you can’t wait to show them what it’s all about. But your colleague got busy — and the invitation is WAY down in her inbox.

No sweat!

Now you can re-send an invitation. You even have options to revise the team member’s email address and update the personalized message.


Up Next

In the next Leasecake update, we’ll introduce a cool addition to the “roles” options.

If you still haven’t tried Leasecake, then now’s the time to simplify your location management and abstract creation. Get started for free!

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