Simplified Lease Management for Commercial Landlords

Stay organized and never miss another important date. Leasecake provides instant access to essential lease information for all your properties.

We’ll Track the
Dates and Dollars

“I left money on the table.”

As a landlord, those six words should never cross your lips. But how do you stay on top of critical dates and events buried inside leases?

The answer isn’t an expensive property management platform. You might think those systems are a breeze, but the complex features are overkill for most family offices.

You need a platform that’s a piece of cake.

Lease Management Done Right. Finally.

Leasecake provides instant access to your whole portfolio — from the entities that own your buildings through the multiple tenant leases that make up your business. Leasecake is your back office in your back pocket. It helps you stay organized and ensures you never miss a date.


Lease management is complex when you use multiple tools to get the job done. Forget about spreadsheets, calendar reminders, and white boards. We simplify your business by consolidating them into a single, mobile-friendly app.


Leasecake puts the back office in your back pocket. You can start collecting rent payments electronically and finally say goodbye to paper checks. Critical lease info is on your phone, tablet, or computer whenever and wherever you need it.

New to Commercial Real Estate? Get the ‘Guide to Simplified Lease Management’

The Guide to Simplified Lease Management for Commercial Property Owners gets you up to speed quickly. After reading the guide, you’ll understand the nuts and bolts of rental agreement clauses and the best tools for managing commercial rental lease agreements.

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Why Customers Love Leasecake

“It’s all about saving time. When there’s only two of you, and you’re busy, every 10-minute increment adds up.”


Danny Levison

Atlanta Investment Properties

“What’s not to like about Leasecake? No more manual data entry. Easy to use and super efficient.”


Andrea Hardee

Harkins Commercial

“Leasecake is perfect for someone in my position. It gets rid of one of my have-to-tasks and makes me more productive.”


Neil Solomon

Solomon Retail Group