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Property Works might get the job done, but it’s stuck in the past. It’s outdated, clunky, and not evolving with the industry.

The future is here with Leasecake, a modern solution that’s easier to use, affordable, and tailored for the evolving food and beverage & retail industries.  

One place for everything

One system for all team members

Property Works is bogging you down and holding your team back. Leasecake offers a cost-effective, all-in-one solution that streamlines operations across your entire team, not just lease administration. With Leasecake, you can eliminate other expensive systems and manual processes, freeing you from the burdens imposed by Property Works.

the importance of lease audits for franchises and multi-unit operators

Lease Administration

A single source of clarity for all tenant obligations, occupancy costs, and important lease dates. 

Real Estate

Track new deals in the pipeline, construction timelines, contracts, key players so everyone’s in the loop. 


ASC 842 compliance, easy reporting, audit trails and more keep your accountants happy and ahead of the game. 


Smart, AI-assisted lease abstraction speed up due diligence and contract negotiations. 

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Award winning, easy to use interface

Property Works’ outdated, hard-to-navigate UX and lack of updates hinder users from utilizing its full capabilities, whereas Leasecake offers a modern, intuitive interface with continuous improvements, maximizing ease of use and system reliability.

leasecake lease accounting software to assist with communication for all lease accounting needs for franchisors
automated lease management on a mobile device

No more manual work

Property Works relies heavily on manual data handling and lacks integration, whereas Leasecake automates processes and offers comprehensive transaction management, simplifying tasks for real estate directors and accounting teams.

Forward thinking technology

Leasecake offers features like a deal management for streamlined transactions, Cakebot for intelligent assistance, free team invites, and advanced report and dashboard building capabilities, showcasing our commitment to evolving with the times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions about making the switch?

How much does Leasecake cost?

Leasecake pricing starts as low as $8 per location, per month. See all plans and pricing here. 

What services do you offer?

Our in-house professional Real Estate and Accounting experts are available to help with one time projects, or recurring lease maintenance. Services include Lease Abstraction, ASC 842 implementation, CAM & Tax Reconciliation, Lease Renewal Preparation, and NNN updates.

How do I get my data from Property Works into Leasecake?

Transitioning from Property Works is easier than you think. Leasecake offers specialized templates mapped to Property Works data fields. Simply download documents from Property Works and upload them to our secure Dropbox folder.

Join the future with Leasecake and experience modern lease management.

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