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Baking Up Success For Commercial Brokers

As a commercial real estate broker, strong business relationships are everything to Bobby Palta. Beyond helping his clients find the right location at the best price and then negotiating favorable lease terms, Palta likes to bring a little something extra to the party. He’s always looking for opportunities to set himself apart and cement a long-term bond with his customers.

Bobby Palta

“Once I help a retailer, restaurateur, or corporate tenant find a location, I don’t want it to end there,” said Palta, who is a first vice president with CBRE in Orlando. “My goal is to show value on a broader scale and become the general broker for their entire portfolio. That’s why I love recommending Leasecake as my preferred lease management software.”

Leasecake’s innovative lease management platform is designed to drive profitability for brokers while delivering higher value to their client relationships.

Brokers can offer Leasecake to landlords and tenants to help manage payments, insurance, and leasing logistics. In turn, the app provides brokers with critical insights to client renewals, expirations, and a range of relevant leasing events.

Palta said he suggests Leasecake to commercial landlords and tenants so they can have the peace of mind that goes along with maintaining all their leases in the cloud.

“With Leasecake’s cloud solution, they can easily manage and monitor all the information and essential documents related to their leases,” he said. “The app even provides proactive notifications when renewal options, rent increases, and other business-critical events are on the horizon.”

When brokers introduce landlords and tenants to Leasecake, they cement their position as an integral part of the client’s portfolio. That enhanced relationship helps set the stage for future deals.

“For decades, brokers have lacked valuable insight and left money on the table when it comes to forecasting future client opportunities,” Palta said. “They’ve had to rely on outdated tactics and practices to remain competitive. But Leasecake is a game-changer.”

Don’t get left behind. To schedule a 10-minute demo and learn how Leasecake can benefit your brokerage, contact Max Porter, head of sales: or 310-430-1375.

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