Commercial Real Estate Lease Management.

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Leasecake helps automate:

  • Rent Collections
  • Scheduled Rent Increases
  • Lease Renewals
  • Tenant Communications
  • Key Dates & Commitments
  • Marketing

With Leasecake, it’s a piece of cake.

Our engaging and unified platform helps save money, keep up with important dates, and communicate proactively - Improving the “People Experience” in everyone’s busy lives. Save Money, Save Time. Simply.

Our Story

It all started over a cup of coffee at a diner. From the real estate leasing pain points shared by my good friend (and co-Founder!) Jim Bankston, in the Fall of 2015, it consumed me that there wasn’t a simple solution. Being ever hopeful to find the time to fix it, life got in the way. It never happened.

Until it did. Leasecake was born two years later, when we pitched and won the Techstars final Award as the Global Showcase Winner in December 2017! Conducted in a field of 200 cities, 58 countries, and 6 continents, I had no idea what just happened (neither did my wife, Leigh!). And because you’re still reading - yes, during my pitch I actually said "It's a piece of cake."

But that’s getting ahead of myself…our team’s story really begins just a few days earlier.

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