Lease Management for Your Entire Portfolio

One single source of truth for every location so you can stop worrying about missed renewals, unorganized data, or unfavorable lease terms.

Lease Management Has Never Been Easier

Instant access to every critical date, dollar, and document  – anytime, anywhere, on any device. Lease management the way it was meant to be.


Never miss an important date again

Track all critical dates in one place so you can stay on top of lease renewals, rent changes, inspections, and any other important location events.


Track all leases and location files

Create one single source of truth so you can clearly track your entities and eliminate lost or disorderly paperwork. Less paperwork, more productivity. Modernizing document management is a win-win.


Keep your projects, and your people, on track

A place to manage all the documents, details, and timelines for each task? Check. Communicate with all the relevant parties in one central place? Check. Complete projects faster? Check plus.


The industry leading reporting and analytics

Accelerate your business growth with real time insights to keep your teams free from roadblocks and error-prone spreadsheets. 100% flexible and customizable reporting to stay on top of it all.


Centralize communication and empower your people

Team work makes the dream work, and now you can easily stay in the know on fast moving projects, deals, and location updates. Plus, invite all team members to Leasecake, for free.

My job is on the road 60% of the time, so I need to be able to quickly locate our location data while on the go. Once I saw how quickly and easily I could find the data I needed with Leasecake, it was eye opening. It’s a tool you didn’t know you needed until you implemented it.

Chad Covak

VP of Real Estate at GOLFTEC


Grow and Expand Locations with Confidence

In today’s fast moving market, place your trust in a technology partner that optimizes your lease management doesn’t slow your expansion goals.

Do More with Less with Lease Management

Our simple, easy-to-use award-winning software gives your entire team instant access to all the information you need, anytime and anywhere. 

leasecake lease accounting software to assist with communication for all lease accounting needs for franchisors
automated lease management on a mobile device

Complete Visibility into Location Data

One centralized repository for all the data, documents and dollars associated with each of your locations, wherever you are.

Mitigate Risk

Never miss a lease renewal, critical clause, or rent escalation again. Our system sends automated reminders in advance so you can stop worrying about the details and focus on what really matters: growing your business. 

Why Leasecake?

Easy to Use

Rated #1 for Ease of Use by G2, making lease management simple and accessible


Automated reminders and tasks so you never have to worry about losing a location


Invite colleagues, partners and vendors for full visibility and collaboration

Rated #1 in Lease Management

Common Questions

What is Lease Management?

Lease management involves overseeing and administering lease agreements across multiple locations or units within their business portfolio. This includes managing leases for various types of assets such as real estate, equipment, vehicles, and more. For a multi-unit operator or franchisee, effective lease management is not limited to managing the expiration date of leases, but also entails tasks such as negotiating lease terms, ensuring compliance with lease agreements and regulatory standards, managing lease-related expenses and payments, organizing lease documents, and optimizing lease terms to align with business goals. Additionally, lease management for multi-unit operators often involves coordinating communication and collaboration between different stakeholders, such as landlords, property managers, and internal teams across various locations. Overall, efficient leasing management is critical for multi-unit operators and franchisees to maximize the value of their leased assets, control costs, and ensure smooth operations across their entire business network.

What is Lease Management Software?

Lease management software is a specialized tool designed to simplify the lease management and lease administration processes, as well as managing lease accounting functionality. It is a one stop shop that enables users to efficiently track lease agreements, manage documents seamlessly, and effortlessly schedule payments. The lease accounting aspects of the platform ensure compliance with accounting standards such as IFRS 16 and ASC 842 with additional reporting and analytics tools for actionable insights into their lease portfolio. With one single source of truth for all lease and location obligations, lease portfolio management software helps users with negotiating better lease terms, tracking lease expirations and renewals, ensuring compliance with lease agreements and regulatory standards, managing lease-related expenses and payments, organizing lease documents, and optimizing lease terms to align with business goals.

Who Uses Lease Management Software?

Commercial lease management software and property lease management software is used by multi-unit operators managing numerous locations and leases across various industries, including restaurants, medtail (medical retail), hair and beauty salons, health and fitness centers, among others. These businesses rely on leasing management software, such as Leasecake, to efficiently track lease agreements, manage documentations, schedule payments, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. This allows them to streamline lease administration processes and effectively control lease obligations and costs across their diverse portfolio of properties and assets. Lease administrators, heads of real estate, directors of development, accounting and finance users, and owners and operators of multi-unit businesses all use leasing management software to help better manage their businesses and save time. 

What Are the Key Features of Automated Lease Management?

Lease management software offers several key features crucial for efficient lease administration, including comprehensive lease tracking capabilities, enabling users to efficiently manage multiple lease agreements across different locations throughout the lifecycle of your location – from lease negotiations to due diligence, managing occupancy costs, and navigating lease renewals and expirations. With Leasecake, users can seamlessly organize and manage lease documents, ensuring easy access to essential paperwork such as contracts and amendments. Additionally, the software offers customizable reporting and analytics features, empowering users to gain actionable insights into their lease portfolio’s performance and costs. With Leasecake’s integrated alerts and notifications, users can stay informed about critical lease events, ensuring proactive management of lease obligations. Overall, Leasecake’s lease management software stands out for its user-friendly interface, tailored features such as the new Cakebot AI integration and comprehensive support, enabling multi-unit operators to efficiently manage their diverse lease portfolios with ease.

Does Leasecake’s Lease Management Software Integrate with Existing Accounting Systems?

Yes, Leasecake has integrations with Restaurant365, Oracle Netsuite, Sage Intacct, and Quickbooks Online

How much does Leasecake’s lease management software cost?

We have 3 different pricing plans based on which features you need from the platform. 

Is Lease Management Available on Mobile?

Yes, Leasecake’s lease management platform is available as a mobile app so that users can access it anytime, anywhere. 

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