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Cutting-edge AI tools to revolutionize location management. With Cakebot, you'll have a 24/7 virtual assistant.

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Harness The Power of AI

New technology that simplifies the management of leases, franchise agreements, contracts, permits, and more. Save time, enhance understanding, and enjoy user-friendly convenience, all at no extra cost.

Feel Confident About What's In Your Leases

No more confusion or uncertainty about your rights and responsibilities. Make informed decisions without the legal jargon slowing you down.

Cut Through Complex Legal Language

AI does the heavy lifting for you, extracting the essential information and presenting it in an easy-to-understand format.

Abstract Leases in Minutes

Quickly locate and highlight crucial details within lease documents or amendments, modify existing leases, and effortlessly navigate lengthy contracts.

Empower All Team Members

Approachable tools that make it possible for anyone on your team to ask questions and gain insights from lease documents.

Lease Abstraction

Cutting-edge abstraction technology not only comprehends your base lease but also extends its capabilities to amendments, ensuring confidence in extracting accurate data and expediting the setup of your locations.

Lease Chatbot

Cakebot is smart, friendly, and always at your service. Have questions about your lease or contract? Need clarification on specific clauses? Get real-time assistance and the support you need throughout your leasing journey.

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Lease Clause Summarization

Lease clauses can be confusing and time-consuming to figure out. We use smart technology to turn complex lease language into simple summaries that are easy to understand.


Lightning-Fast Lease Management

Cakebot gives you all the essential information you need to make well informed decisions, faster than ever before.

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