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100% flexible and customizable real estate portfolio analytics to reduce risks and maximize profits. It's your data, your way.


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Leasecake is revolutionizing portfolio reporting with unmatched flexibility and ease of use to help you identify and mitigate risk. Our reports and dashboards offer powerful and insightful data visualization along with unparalleled customization, to give you the information you want, whenever you need it. 

Your Single Source of Truth

With Leasecake, all your location data and reporting are centralized, saving you valuable time and ensuring your team always has access to accurate, reliable information exactly when you need it.

Powerful Analytics to
Drive Growth

Track any key metric, such as lease expirations, upcoming rent increases, or tenant improvement investments. Leasecake’s powerful visualization help you spot trends and maximize growth. 

Ease of Use

Whether you prefer visual charts or detailed spreadsheets, easily build reports for data-driven decisions. Use our report library for quick, ready-made options or create fully customizable reports from hundreds of data fields to suit your specific needs.

"Centralizing lease information in Leasecake has optimized our operations and allows quick responses to inquiries about our 700+ locations. It provides a trustworthy source of accurate data, helping us avoid costly surprises."

Jack Byrd

Associate General Counsel at MB2 Dental
Growing 100+ Locations Per Year

One Reporting System for All Team Members

Our report library and cutting-edge dashboards offer intuitive, powerful data visualization, allowing every team member—real estate, accounting, or operations—to get the exact reporting they need. With accurate, instant, and fully customized analytics, Leasecake helps you spot and reduce risks, identify your best locations, and export and share insights effortlessly. 

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Lease Administration

A single source of clarity for all renewal option windows, rent changes, tenant obligations, occupancy costs, and other important location dates. 

Real Estate

Robust analytics to track controllable vs non-controllable expenses, triple net expenses, common area maintenance, taxes, and insurance to find new ways to save money and increase margins. 


Generate ASC 842 compliant journal entries, amortization schedules, and disclosure reports for all leases and assets. Automated percentage rent calculations and detailed audit trails ensure accountants stay ahead. 


Gain the upper hand in lease negotiations with detailed records on CAM caps, tenant improvements, and more. Accelerate due diligence during M&As with portfolio benchmarks at your fingertips.

Why Leasecake?

Your Data, Your Way

Build the exact reports you need with our 100% customizable reporting tools, for example track rent per square foot, lease renewal dates, or insurance charges.

Insights To Your Inbox

Get updates on critical dates, identify top-performing locations, and spot trends that can help you optimize your operations, without leaving your inbox. 

Private and Secure

Choose exactly which team members and role can access certain data. Plus, gain peace of mind knowing your data is on a secure, trustworthy database. 

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