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Due Diligence During Lease Acquisitions: A Guide for Buyers

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Acquiring a new group of retail stores or restaurants can be an exciting and lucrative business venture. However, it is crucial to pay close attention to the leases for each property during the due diligence process, as they can impact the outcomes of the acquisition.

Imagine buying a chain of 50 restaurants only to find out that twenty percent of the leases have expired or the option notice dates have passed. Worse yet, the landlord already signed new leases for some of the spaces. The considerable investment you just made may provide significantly less income as a result of not completing your due diligence. This is a situation no buyer wants to find themselves in.

Our real estate experts are here to help. This guide will discuss what a potential acquirer should look for in commercial leases prior to making an acquisition.

Reviewing all the key dates, dollars and documents involved in a lease acquisition can seem daunting, expensive and time consuming. But there is an easier way.

Just as a well-crafted recipe results in a delicious cake, the right real estate experts can bring efficiency and simplicity to your acquisitions. Leasecake’s team of real estate experts are available to help you navigate lease complexities with our lease abstraction services, so you can and slice through the details of each of your potential acquisitions. Remember, when you have the right tools, every layer of your franchise’s success is bound to be extraordinary.

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