BlogBrokersIntroducing the ‘Deal Town’ Podcast: Episode 001 — Featuring John Francis

Introducing the ‘Deal Town’ Podcast: Episode 001 — Featuring John Francis

For more than three years, we’ve heard multi-location tenants, brokers, and landlords talk about commercial real estate deals that got wonky, weird, or went completely off the rails. But we’ve been selfishly keeping those stories to ourselves.

Enter Deal Town.

With this podcast, we’ll share the stories behind commercial real estate deals that took a surprising turn. Each episode features a top performer from the world of commercial real estate. Guests include brokers, franchisees, and corporate property pros. We’re giving you a chance to hear them deconstruct their experiences and talk about the tactics and tools they used to get deals across the finish line.

This first episode features the incomparable John Francis, known as “Johnny Franchise” in the industry.

John doesn’t claim to be a know-it-all, but he’s a self-professed “know-enough” who loves helping people with franchise businesses. He’s spent a lifetime developing a unique brand of levelheaded expertise that gives him the insight to get it right. In this episode, John tells the story of opening a hair salon in Moscow near the end of the Cold War.


In this episode, John refers to a guest blog post he wrote for us about how a well-established retailer lost a space to an upstart competitor. You can read it here.

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