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Categorize Critical Clauses With New Feature

Group your critical lease clauses by using one of our default types or adding custom types.

One of the features people love about Leasecake is the ability to quickly and easily view what we refer to as “critical clauses.” These are portions of a lease that contain mission-critical information — the kind of info you might need to reference at a moment’s notice during a dispute or negotiation.

In a complex lease with multiple critical clauses, it’s helpful to group them by category in order to have a more holistic view. That’s why we recently added a “clause type” option to the Lease Details section.  

Previously when adding a new lease, all critical clauses were created equal. Now you can associate a critical clause with a clause “type.” There are five default types:

  • Assignment/Subletting
  • Exclusivity
  • Personal guarantee
  • Renewal option
  • Right of first refusal

By default, all Leasecake accounts have those five default types. However, you have the latitude to add new custom categories if you don’t see one that suits your needs.

If you’d like a quick tour of our latest features or want to talk about your ideas for improving Leasecake, please contact Max Porter to schedule a discovery session.

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