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Strength in Numbers: Add Team Members to get the Most out of Leasecake

If you’re like most multi-unit operators, you rely on a trusted group of advisors and professionals to help you keep the ship headed in the right direction. 

As we like to say: Leasecake is better when shared. So invite your CPA, attorney, and broker into your account, and give them easy access to essential documents and reminders. That’s when you’ll experience the full power and network effect of our software.

Many operators also invite service providers such as their HVAC specialist, refrigeration contractor, or other maintenance trades people. With our roles-based settings, you can give those third-party team members access to as much location information as you’re comfortable with. 

The control is in your hands. 

Office workers often waste up to 40 hours a month looking for information and searching for documents. That’s three months per year of time that could be better used.

Once your documents are in Leasecake, your team has 24×7 remote access to all the information they need to work efficiently. You’ll give them a tool that’s purpose-built for multi-unit operators. They’ll be able to upload, access, and share documents in an integrated system that allows you to eliminate cloud storage services such as Dropbox.

The chart below shows a snapshot of all the different document types Leasecake clients store in the system. Our clients find they get more done, operate more efficiently, and minimize business risk when everyone has access to documents and other data in Leasecake.

With Leasecake, you’ll eliminate the headaches that go along with managing multiple locations. It will become your memory and personal assistant — handling the mundane while you focus on running and growing your business.

Document Storage Isn’t Just for Leases 

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