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Every business, regardless of size, faces significant financial risk if it isn’t properly insured. Your needs may include professional liability, general liability, property owner’s, and workman’s compensation policies. The only way to ensure proper coverage is by seeking the advice of a reputable insurance broker such as the brokers in the Leasecake Preferred Partner Network.


As a tenant, you’ll benefit from having an advisor who can assess your situation and help align business, financial, and operational objectives with the real estate requirements for your business. Some consultants can even serve as an outsourced real estate department for small- to medium-sized operations. Let Leasecake connect you with a consultant who will assist you from the letter of intent all the way through future lease renewals.


Banks and lenders in the Leasecake Preferred Partner Network exist to help your business meet its financial needs and goals. When reviewing business banking accounts and funding options, remember that the best option for you might not be your hometown bank or the one your friend recommends. Our partners will help you find the perfect match.

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With decades of experience in commercial real estate and in building successful, high-value technology companies, the Leasecake leadership team has cultivated a vast network of select, carefully vetted business service providers and consultants.

To learn more about how our Preferred Partner Network can support your business goals, please share your contact information so we can connect and discuss the options.

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