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About Homesale Realty

Homesale Realty is a franchise of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. The firm operates 35 offices in Maryland and Pennsylvania, making it both a multi-location commercial tenant and a residential real estate firm. Scott Smith, CCIM, is the commercial operations manager for Homesale. It’s his job to select office sites, negotiate deals, and oversee all the leases.

The Problem

Before Leasecake, Scott ran 35 locations on an Excel spreadsheet. “It was a terrible system,” he said. “As renewals were coming due, I would have to look through every lease to determine when it would expire and when I needed to notify the landlord. It was freakin’ ludicrous.”

The Solution

With Leasecake, now it’s easy for everyone to access information when and where they need it. That easy access translates to time savings – and time is money. The Homesale team has a common place to store rent schedules, documents, and expiration reminders. They’ve left behind disconnected, asynchronous systems.

Saving Time with Abstractions

After selecting Leasecake, Scott assumed he would spend a year putting data into the system. Then he learned about the lease abstraction option available through our professional services team.

“The fact that you guys did it for me was worth the investment,” Scott said. “I was happy to write that check because it’s a great value-add. I could have done it – but maybe with a tenth of the information they put in there just because I would have had to fumble through everything. So I was impressed.”

What Scott Loves About Leasecake

“What I love about Leasecake is how easy it is to use. I don’t have the time to get a Ph.D. in a new system. So I needed something that I could log into and find answers immediately. And that’s what I got with Leasecake.”

"What I found was that there are a lot of systems built for landlords – but the industry is lacking from a tenant standpoint. And then I came across Leasecake."

Scott Smith

Commercial Operations Manager

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