Multi-Unit Operator Grew 20% Because Competition Didn’t Have Leasecake


Jeff Klein’s dreams of owning multiple franchise locations were almost shattered due to a close encounter with a potential organizational lapse. The nightmare unfolded when he realized he had forgotten about a lease renewal date, leading to three sleepless nights fearing the loss of a store. This experience prompted Jeff to recognize the need for a more robust system to manage his franchise locations.

In the fiercely competitive franchise market, success is contingent on several factors, including selecting the right brand, securing an optimal location, and most importantly, managing leases effectively. Jeff Klein, with his adept skills in navigating these critical elements, successfully propelled his business to achieve substantial growth and profits.

The challenges don’t end with securing an initial location; managing leases post-signing becomes a formidable task. The logistical hurdle of remembering renewal dates looms large, and many businesses find themselves perilously close to losing a lease without even realizing it.

“Landlords trick you in the way the write up leases. They aren’t consistent in terms between locations and you if lose track of the details your lease renewal can come and pass. You’re putting yourself at risk by not using Leasecake. It should be something required for tenants”

Enter Leasecake – a solution designed to automate lease management. This innovative platform provides smart and timely reminders of crucial dates, ensuring that businesses never miss another renewal. For Jeff Klein and others in the competitive business landscape, Leasecake is not just convenient; it is a strategic necessity. In an environment where every advantage matters, Leasecake becomes an indispensable tool for franchise owners, safeguarding against potential setbacks and contributing to sustained success.

Jeff became a partner in his friend's sandwich shop franchise, and after a successful first year, he decided to open his own Capriotti's location. 🥪✨

Fast forward a few years, and today Jeff Klein is a franchise owner with 19 locations including Capriotti’s, Baskin Robbins, Auntie Anne’s, the Gent’s Place, and Better Lunch.


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Enter Leasecake, the robust lease management system that simplified Jeff’s leases. With it, keeping track of critical details, from renewal dates to specific terms, became significantly easier. Leasecake served as a safeguard, preventing Jeff from overlooking renewal deadlines. Now, relying on a dependable lease management system isn’t merely convenient for Jeff; it’s a strategic necessity, empowering his team to make informed decisions, secure favorable terms, and thrive in their chosen locations.

"I got a call from my agent saying a Jimmy John's forgot to renew their lease, do you want in?...I did."

Jeff Klein

Franchise Owner


Leasecake revolutionizes lease management for Jeff Klein and his team by providing seamless accessibility to all lease and location data anytime, anywhere. This platform becomes the single source of truth for their operations, eliminating the need for tedious searches and ensuring that pulling reports or finding data is a matter of minutes rather than hours or days. The efficiency gains translate into massive time savings, allowing the team to focus on strategic business decisions instead of being bogged down by administrative tasks. The built-in notifications feature is a game-changer, offering peace of mind by eliminating concerns about missing crucial lease renewal or other significant dates. With Leasecake’s comprehensive insights, Jeff gains a powerful tool for more strategic lease negotiations. Armed with accurate and timely information, he can navigate negotiations with confidence, ultimately contributing to better terms and outcomes for his business.

Leasecake not only streamlines operations but empowers Jeff to make more informed and advantageous decisions in the competitive landscape of franchise management.

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