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In light of Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises’ expansive success as a multi-concept restaurant group boasting over 120 locations and 60 brands, the challenges of managing a vast network of agreements, contracts, and lease renewals have become increasingly intricate. The company’s operational oversight, executed by a small and efficient team, highlighted the necessity for a more sophisticated and streamlined approach to handle the complexities associated with their extensive lease portfolio.

The sheer scale and diversity of the enterprise’s restaurant concepts demanded meticulous attention to lease details, including renewal dates, terms, and conditions. Failure to keep pace with these critical deadlines posed a substantial risk, as overlooking them could lead to inadvertent lease terminations, financial penalties, and ultimately jeopardize the significant investments made by the company.

Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants is a family-owned business specializing in a wide range of restaurant concepts, spanning from fast casual to fine dining.

Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, founded by Chicago natives Richard Melman and Jerry A. Orzoff, has since expanded to over 60 brands and 130 restaurants across a dozen states. Richard Melman received prestigious awards from the James Beard Foundation for his outstanding contributions to the restaurant industry.



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Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises found an effective solution in Leasecake, streamlining their lease management processes. The user-friendly interface and automated notifications addressed the challenge of tracking lease renewal dates, ensuring the team never missed a crucial deadline. The centralized document repository facilitated communication within the small team, providing easy access to essential lease details. Overall, Leasecake transformed the potential organizational headache into an efficiently managed process, offering peace of mind and safeguarding the restaurant group’s investments.

"I've found the ease of access I crave, allowing me to effortlessly protect our restaurant investments."

Ethan Samson

Executive Partner, VP & Deputy General Counsel


Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises successfully addressed and resolved their real estate challenges by implementing Leasecake. The platform’s user-friendly interface, automated notifications, and centralized document repository played a pivotal role in streamlining their lease management processes, resulting in several key outcomes.

“As someone who meticulously tracked regulations, leases, licenses, and contracts manually, the anxiety of missing renewal dates kept me up at night. Leasecake is intuitive, easy to navigate, and really helps me find the information that I need at my fingertips from wherever I am, whether I’m at my computer, on my phone, or traveling. With Leasecake, my worries have been solved.”

  1. Mitigation of Missed Deadlines and Associated Risks: Leasecake’s Critical Date Tracker with Automated Reminders proved instrumental in preventing missed lease renewal dates. The proactive notifications ensured that the small operational team was consistently informed about impending critical dates, significantly reducing the risk of inadvertent lease terminations, financial penalties, and potential disruptions to the company’s valuable investments.

  2. Efficient Organization of Lease Documents: Leasecake addressed the challenge of document disarray by providing an Organized Central Repository. This centralized hub became a reliable resource for the team, facilitating easy access to essential lease details. The streamlined organization of documents not only enhanced operational efficiency but also contributed to a systematic and transparent approach to lease management.

  3. Enhanced Communication and Easily Accessible Location Data: Leasecake’s platform facilitated improved communication within the small team, addressing the issue of potential breakdowns. With a centralized document repository that ensured easily accessible location data, team members could collaborate seamlessly, fostering transparency and efficiency in managing the diverse restaurant portfolio. The platform served as a hub for all lease-related information, eliminating communication barriers and enhancing collaboration among team members.

In summary, the adoption of Leasecake by Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises resulted in a comprehensive and efficient lease management solution. The platform not only tackled the challenges posed by missed deadlines, document disarray, and communication breakdowns but also provided the team with the tools needed to proactively manage their lease portfolio, optimize agreements, and safeguard valuable investments.

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