Protecting Investments: How a Growing Chain Safeguards Revenue & Uniquely Designed Locations


Hawkers Asian Street Food encountered inefficiencies in traditional filing systems, impeding the retrieval and tracking of crucial lease information. The manual process was time-consuming and error-prone, risking critical documents being buried on desks. Urgency intensified with Hawkers’ substantial upfront investments in each location, accentuating the imperative need for a streamlined lease management system to mitigate the risk of potential losses.

The challenges faced by Hawkers Asian Street Food include the need to prevent location loss due to overlooked lease renewals, convert leases and critical documents confined to a filing cabinet, and stay ahead of notice periods. These challenges highlight the pressing requirement for implementing a streamlined lease management system that not only addresses current inefficiencies but also ensures proactive management of lease agreements. The transition to a more advanced system is crucial for enhancing operational efficiency and safeguarding Hawkers’ substantial investments in various locations.

It all started when four best friends decided to bring the bold flavors of Asian street food to the streets of Orlando in 2011.

Hawkers Asian Street Fare is a vibrant, Asian-street-food inspired dining occasion. Hawkers aims to redefine the Asian dining experience within the fast-casual dining market with diverse offerings of hand-crafted food and beverages, street-inspired ambiance, and a uniquely insightful approach to guest service.


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Goal To Open 100 Locations by 2030


Leasecake became a game-changer for Hawkers, providing a complete lease management system that works seamlessly across departments. It acts as a central hub for leases, contracts, and assets, going beyond simple lease referencing. The efficiencies gained, from pulling rent schedules to managing renewals and understanding landlord responsibilities, are just the beginning. “Leasecake saved me at least a days worth of work on compiling detailed rent schedules.” Leasecake emerged as a pivotal system for improving overall organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

"We had a 5 year lease nearly expire without us noticing. That was when we knew we needed a change."

Dominic DeVuyst

Senior Director of Project Development


Leasecake emerges as a cost-effective lease management solution for Hawkers Asian Street Food, seamlessly addressing the challenges posed by traditional filing systems. Its proactive management approach aligns with the urgency faced by Hawkers due to substantial upfront investments in each location. The technology not only supports a lean team but also enhances operational efficiency for the key team members responsible for lease management. With comprehensive tools catering to contacts, assets, and facility teams, Leasecake delivers value across multiple departments, ensuring that everyone within the organization benefits from its features.

One of Leasecake’s key strengths lies in providing timely notifications, keeping the team consistently ahead of upcoming due dates, rent increases, and renewal dates. This advanced alert system contributes to preventing location loss due to overlooked lease renewals, a critical concern for Hawkers. Furthermore, the system’s capability to manage all 15 locations, along with commissary and office leases, in one affordable platform consolidates lease information and streamlines the entire process.

“In restaurant operations you’re managing multiple contracts, from major partnerships like Coca-Cola to utility agreements and operational licenses. Each restaurant’s unique set of contracts and licenses have varying expiration dates and notice periods. Leasecake emerged as a valuable solution, consolidating everything in one place, enabling efficient tracking, with customized views and notifications for our diverse team. What was once a headache in contract management transformed into a streamlined process, thanks to Leasecake.”

Leasecake not only offers a cost-effective solution but also equips Hawkers with key location information at their fingertips, facilitating efficient decision-making and lease management across the organization.

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