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The Tipping Point

Suveto provides ownership to veterinary professionals while relieving them of the responsibility and obligation of owning a practice. The company supports veterinarians in areas such as marketing, IT, and accounting services – including lease management. By streamlining processes, Suveto enables vets to focus on providing the best care to their patients.

Acquiring multiple clinics in a year significantly impacts Suveto’s accounting team. One of the top priorities is ensuring they never miss a renewal option. But the tipping point was when the CEO asked a simple question about the exercise date for a location, and finding the answer took too long.

"Leasecake protects us from the consequences of missing a renewal date. Because landlords aren’t as forgiving as you’d like them to be."

Shawn Clagg

Chief Risk Officer, Suveto

Accuracy With Abstracts

“That delay in locating a single date is what prompted us to search for a solution,” Shawn said. “Gathering information isn’t tough, but organizing it and keeping track of critical events is harder than it sounds. And I don’t know anything that does it better than Leasecake.”

The team at Suveto is capable of abstracting leases, but it’s not the best use of their time. “I’ll get interrupted four times if I try to abstract a lease,” Shawn said. “That leads to mistakes. But with our lease analyst at Leasecake taking care of it for us, all I have to do is take a quick look and double-check the numbers.”

Accounting Made Easy

Shawn says the power to collect and organize lease documents is reason enough to use Leasecake. But what’s even more critical for Suveto is the accounting layer that helps them with ASC 842 compliance. “Without good software, it’s out of control,” Shawn said. “If you have even one lease, you’re better off outsourcing the work to Leasecake.”

“What I love about Leasecake is that it’s accurate and simple. A lot of platforms get you down to the five-yard line and stop. It’s always disappointing when that happens. But Leasecake has never disappointed. It takes me into the end zone every time.

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