White Castle: Saving Time and Improving Efficiency

Leasecake Joins Forces to Celebrate National Hamburger Month

This May, in celebration of National Hamburger Month, we teamed up with the iconic fast-food chain, White Castle, to spread some goodwill and deliciousness. 

National Hamburger Month became more than just a time to indulge in tasty treats; this collaboration highlighted the positive impact that a single day of volunteering can make in celebrating food and fostering connections.

Why White Castle Loves Leasecake

Introducing Jeremy Melloul, a dedicated Property Manager at White Castle, sharing his perspective on why working with Leasecake has been a game-changer for him. 

Join us in hearing firsthand from Jeremy Melloul about how Leasecake’s user-centric approach and outstanding software have revolutionized his property management journey and strengthened the partnership between Leasecake and White Castle.

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