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Our dedicated team of experts understands the intricate world of common area maintenance (“CAM”) expenses and tax obligations. 

Leasecake’s review services are geared towards helping our clients ensure they are paying their fair share of expenses as dictated by the terms and conditions of the lease.

Why Leasecake?

Save Time

Your time is valuable, and we’re here to free you from the burden of endless paperwork and number crunching so you can focus your energy on what truly matters – growing your business  and delighting your customers.

Control Costs

Reconciliation services help identify discrepancies, overcharges, or incorrect allocations, enabling franchises to control costs, negotiate better terms, and ensure fairness in payments.

Improved Efficiency

Streamline your financial processes, reduce paperwork, and enhance operational efficiency, which translates to improved productivity and enhanced customer experiences.

Financial Health

Optimizing CAM expenses contribute to a franchise’s long-term financial health. Leasecake’s reconciliation services can help provide a holistic view of financial performance, aiding in strategic planning and growth.

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