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All Your Critical Lease Information at Your Fingertips

Our talented attorneys, lease auditors, and lease drafters have decades of experience abstracting lease data at a variety of brokerage offices, law firms, and real estate management companies across a variety of industries. They are fanatically dedicated pros who sharpened their skills at Fortune 500 companies, SMEs, and government agencies.

What We Offer

Time and Cost Savings

Save significant time and resources by allowing us to efficiently extract and organize relevant information from lease agreements so you can focus on your core business operations.

Risk Mitigation

We’ll identify critical terms, obligations, and potential risks within lease agreements, so you can understand your rights and obligations and reduce the risk of overlooking important clauses that could lead to legal disputes or financial implications.

Improved Lease Management

Consolidated and easily accessible lease data from your portfolio allows you to effectively track critical dates, renewal options, rent escalations, and other key lease provisions, ensuring compliance and avoiding penalties.

Streamlined Decision-Making

Quickly analyze lease terms and conditions for better-informed decision-making. Assess lease performance, identify opportunities for renegotiation or lease restructuring, and make strategic decisions based on accurate lease information.

Scalability and Growth

As you expand, our lease abstraction services can efficiently handle all of your new lease agreements, ensuring consistent data management practices across multiple locations to support your growth objectives.

Expertise and Industry Knowledge

Our real estate team has a deep understanding of lease terminology, industry-specific provisions, and legal requirements, and we can accurately interpret and summarize lease agreements, so you know what you’ve agreed to and when you need to take action.

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