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Leasecake now offers two affordable options for lease abstraction: either outsourced to our team of real estate experts, or self-service with the help of our free AI lease abstraction tool.

Lease Abstraction Services from Real Estate Experts

Our skilled team specializes in lease abstraction services with extensive experience across brokerage offices, law firms, and real estate management companies. Driven by a commitment to excellence and accuracy, our professionals deliver top-tier lease abstraction tailored to meet your specific needs.

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Free AI-Powered Lease Abstraction

Our AI tools can be used at no extra charge by any Leasecake customer to quickly and easily abstract multiple leases and documents in just a few minutes. So you have all your data at your fingertips, at no extra cost. 


Omega Fitness

Omega Fitness, a rapidly expanding Anytime Fitness franchisee, used Leasecake’s free, user-friendly AI abstraction tool to abstract crucial lease data into the platform in under 10 minutes. 

Why Leasecake?

Time and Cost Savings

Whether you choose for self-serve AI-based abstraction or use our team of experts, you can save significant time and resources so you can focus on your core business operations.

Risk Mitigation

Identify critical terms, obligations, and potential risks within lease agreements, so you can understand your rights and obligations and reduce the risk of overlooking important clauses that could lead to legal disputes or financial implications.

Scalability and Growth

Affordable lease abstraction will scale with you as your business expands, ensuring consistent data management practices across multiple locations to support your growth objectives.

Expertise and Industry Knowledge

With a deep understanding of lease terminology, industry-specific provisions, and legal requirements, our team can accurately interpret and summarize lease agreements, so you know what you’ve agreed to and when you need to take action.

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