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Automated Lease Management So You Never Lose a Location

We Make Lease Management a Piece of Cake

Leasecake’s easy-to-use lease management platform offers multi-unit retailers a single source of truth to manage all of your lease details, rent schedules, critical dates and clauses. Cut out the noise and simplify your lease data so you’ll never miss another renewal option, tenant allowance, or other critical date.

It would be easy to forget about a lease once it's signed, but Leasecake helps us manage when rents are due, when the rent rates increase, and also provide helpful input categories like main contacts and a file library for things like Rent Commencement Letters.

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Why Retailers Work with Leasecake​

Grow With Confidence ​

Our award winning platform scales your lease administration efforts, so taking on new locations is a piece of cake.​

Streamline Lease Management without Additional Headcount​

Automate and efficiently manage lease data, dates and dollars across all locations.

Optimize Compliance​

Ensure adherence to regulatory requirements and lease terms. Navigate ASC 842 and IFRS 16 with certainty. ​

Negotiate Better Lease Terms​

Consolidate lease data to negotiate more favorable terms and reduce costs​.

Reduce Risk​

Gain total transparency into upcoming renewals and critical dates to maintain locations.

Maintain Brand Consistency​

Standardize your lease documentation as you grow and acquire new locations.

Location Management: Beyond the Lease

Our platform isn’t just built to manage your leases. Any contract, agreement or document that is associated with your location can be stored in Leasecake’s platform, for full location visibility.

This Includes


Licenses &


Real Estate

Grow Faster with Streamlined Communication

Visualize what needs to be done and assign tasks to your team, partners or vendors. Track deals, renewals, and expansion efforts in one system so the whole team stays updated and projects stay on track. Our Auto-Tasking feature can generate an assignment to the appropriate team members when an approaching critical date requires action.

Your Back Office in Your Pocket

Finding and building new locations keeps you on the road, and that’s why Leasecake’s mobile app is your single source of truth no matter your location. Quickly track and compare rent prices, square footage, CAMs, and other data whether sitting in a board meeting or visiting a construction site.

Get Started Quickly

Lightning Fast Lease Abstraction

AI-powered lease abstraction cuts down on the time it takes to comb through lease documents by analyzing and lifting the relevant data (dates, docs, dollars, etc.) so you can get your leases into Leasecake lightning fast.


Leasecake’s smart triggers will ingest your data and automatically identify critical dates and events so you can view and take control of your lease management from the jump.

Friendly Customer Support

We’re here to help and we take pride in our award winning support! We offer live product training, step-by-step guides, and direct chat support to make sure you feel supported every step of the way.

Trustworthy Real Estate Services

In addition to lease abstraction, Leasecake’s team of real estate experts is available to assist your team with annual CAM and Tax Reconciliations, Lease Restructuring consultations, or many other real estate services to provide you the most actionable insights when engaging with landlords.

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