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Taj Adhav is the Founder of Leasecake, an award-winning real estate and location management platform “made easy”, built to reduce risk and protect the locations of the restaurant and service-based retail industry.  As a curious kid, he always asked questions and recognized the opportunity to transform the market because everyone in business was trying unsuccessfully to manage the risks of leasing or owning real estate. Multi-unit operators desperately needed a way to protect their locations, make faster and smarter decisions, and keep track of business-critical events to ensure their long-term success.

And now they do it all in Leasecake.

A series of life events led him to that “aha” moment in 2017. After starting as a Big Four CPA, Taj spent a decade at Disney, becoming an Imagineer working on large real estate projects and new business launches, being on the founding teams of Disney Cruise Line and Disney Vacation Club.  Transitioning into technology, Taj became an early hire at Channel Intelligence, a SaaS commerce platform which later was sold to Alphabet (previously Google). This experience of real estate and technology tells the story of how Leasecake was born.  

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