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Getting Started: Enter 10 Leases in 10 Minutes

Whether you previously used other location management software, you’ve been relying on Excel, or you have a time-tested system based on sticky notes and a whiteboard — you’re probably wondering how you’ll get all your data into Leasecake.

No worries. After watching and helping with thousands of lease imports since 2017, we have this down to a system that makes it easy to enter 10 leases in 10 minutes.

Adding location information is a breeze if you have it in a spreadsheet or you’re exporting a CSV file from another platform. It only takes a few seconds to import those files. And if all you have is a collection of paper lease documents in boxes and filing cabinets, then we can scan them and use artificial intelligence (AI) to bring all the relevant data into your account.

But are those the best options?

It might seem shocking, but most new customers prefer sitting down with a stack of lease documents or a spreadsheet and entering the information into Leasecake manually.

The fancy technology seems like a great idea on the surface. But what we hear over and over from businesses is that they don’t trust data that has been entered in spreadsheets or lease management systems over many years.

They want a fresh start with a database that’s clean and organized, so on-boarding with Leasecake gives them a chance to review every lease and location to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Choosing ‘I’ Over ‘AI’

As great as “AI” can be — a lot of business owners and operators would rather rely on personal knowledge of their business when it’s time to audit leases. They know “I” is often more powerful than “AI.”

Glenn Levins is a great example. As CEO of The Phoenix Organization in Boca Raton, Florida, Glenn is responsible for dozens of franchised restaurant locations in South Florida and company-owned retail centers on Long Island, New York.

He had the option of using our technology to import all his location data into Leasecake, but he chose to tackle the job himself.

“Entering all that information forces me to review every lease,” Glenn said. “I honestly didn’t know what was in all our leases. But now I have a clear view of the details in each one of those documents. It gives me a deeper understanding of our business relationships.”

If you’re ready for a fresh start with technology that easily tracks time-sensitive, business-critical events, then we’re ready to show you how it’s done. Businesses use Leasecake to get ahead of the hundreds of location-related events that affect their operations. Join them so you can see for yourself how teams get more out of their day so they can sleep better at night.

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