Lease Management for Multi-Unit Operators

Streamline, standardize, and automate the complexities of your entire real estate portfolio of brands and locations.

AI for lease abstraction saves time and money
What is a sales type lease?

We Make Lease Management a Piece of Cake

Leasecake is a comprehensive platform designed to seamlessly handle real estate operations across your entire portfolio of brands and locations. Our software eliminates the headaches of lease admin by centralizing processes, ensuring operational consistency, and minimizing risk across your entire portfolio. It’s the future of lease management. 

leasecake lease accounting software to assist with communication for all lease accounting needs for franchisors

Industry Accolades & Awards

“We love Leasecake because it helps to reduce risk. We don't miss lease options which can come back and bite us, because we know about them all ahead of time.”

Scott Miller

CFO, Cotti Foods

Why Multi-Unit Operators Choose Leasecake

Reduced Risk​

Gain total transparency into upcoming renewals and critical dates, freeing you from the anxiety of missed deadlines or overlooked lease terms.

Standardization & Customization

Tailored to align with your brand-specific needs while benefiting from standardized processes that drive efficiency.

Grow With Confidence ​

Our award-winning platform scales with you, so taking on new locations or brands is a piece of cake.

Work Smarter with AI

Our AI tools give you instant answers to any questions you have about your lease and location data and make abstraction a breeze.

Enhanced Reporting

Effortlessly create detailed reports using our simple interface to analyze key metrics, identify trends, and gain deeper insights into your portfolio.

Intuitive Dashboards

Whether you’re monitoring lease renewals, rent-to-ratio ratios, or performance metrics, Leasecake’s configurable dashboards provide actionable insights at your fingertips. 


Cotti Foods

With over 230 Taco Bell, Wendy’s and Pieology locations across 6 states, Cotti Foods turned to Leasecake to help streamline and automate their real estate management processes to save time.

Location Management: Beyond the Lease

Leasecake isn’t just built to manage your leases. Any contract, agreement or document that is associated with any location can be stored in Leasecake’s platform, for instant access and full location visibility across your entire team.

This Includes


Licenses &


Real Estate

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