From Single Store to Empire: Risk Reduction Insights from a 100+ Location Dunkin’ Franchisee and Inspire Brands


About Anna Management

Anna Management is a major franchisee operating 102 Dunkin’ locations led by Dipak Patel, whose journey began in 1989 after immigrating to the United States from India and acquiring his first Dunkin’ store. Over the past 35 years, under the guidance of Dipak and his son, Dwar Patel, Anna Management to become one of the largest and most successful Dunkin’ franchisees by embracing technological advancements and strategic outsourcing to streamline operations and focus on growth. Dunkin’ is among the prominent brands owned by Inspire Brands.

About Inspire Brands

Inspire Brands is an American multi-brand restaurant company whose portfolio includes more than 32,600 Arby’s, Baskin-Robbins, Buffalo Wild Wings, Dunkin’, Jimmy John’s, and SONIC restaurants across nearly 60 global markets and all 50 states. Founded in February 2018, they are a visionary company committed to leveraging technology for risk reduction, long-term growth, and are champions of innovation, encouraging great ideas at every level, from the restaurant floor to the boardroom.


As Anna Management’s portfolio of Dunkin locations expanded, managing the complexities of multiple leases, real estate contracts, and back-office operations became increasingly challenging. Ensuring timely renewals, accurate financial management, and operational efficiency were critical to sustaining growth and avoiding costly oversights. The team at Anna Management wanted to strategically scale their operations while also protecting their locations and maintaining the high level of operational excellence their team and customers had come to expect.

For Inspire Brands, the challenge extends beyond individual franchisees. With a portfolio of over 32,600 locations, they need to support their franchisees’ growth while maintaining consistency and quality across diverse brands. They look for effective tools and support systems that can be implemented across thousands of locations, ensuring that each franchisee can achieve operational efficiency and growth without being overwhelmed by administrative burdens.

Anna Management is one of the largest and most successful Dunkin’ franchisees.

Dipak Patel, an immigrant from India, started with one Dunkin’ store in 1989 and now leads Anna Management, a top franchisee of 102 Dunkin’ locations, alongside his son Dwar, leveraging technology and strategic outsourcing to drive growth.



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The team at Anna Management implemented Leasecake’s lease management platform to track of leases, renewals, permits, licenses and other location-centric critical dates. Leasecake ensured that all lease-related activities were managed efficiently and accurately, preventing any potential lapses or missed renewals. With 102 locations, the platform saved Anna Management countless hours and mitigated the risk of missed deadlines, so that Dipak and his team could focus on core business operations.

"Leasecake has been a game-changer for us, providing a clear overview of our entire portfolio and helping us keep track of critical lease dates, which has allowed us to stay proactive and avoid costly mistakes.”

Dipak Patel

CEO, Anna Management


Risk Mitigation:

Leasecake ensured that the team at Anna Management never worried about missing a lease renewal or business critical deadline, which ensured business continuity and stability.

“The primary benefit of Leasecake is the protection it offers for our leases, giving me peace of mind and allowing me to focus on other opportunities. Leasecake means you don’t have to worry about important lease details; it’s like insurance for leases, ensuring they never expire and preventing landlords from getting the upper hand to increase rent before renewal.” – Dipak Patel, CEO of Anna Management

Operational Efficiency:

The use of Leasecake’s technology enabled Anna Management to manage its extensive real estate portfolio efficiently. Timely renewals and accurate financial tracking prevented any disruptions in operations, so the team could focus their time on other parts of the business without worrying about missing a lease renewal.

“Having the time to focus on what matters versus everything else is crucial. Having a service like Leasecake to handle these essential tasks, keeping everything front of mind without constant worry, is invaluable. For some, it’s the difference between staying in business or not, and it helps ensure that franchisees aren’t closing locations for no reason.” – Josh Liggins, Director of Franchising at Inspire Brands

“It’s not just about real estate; it extends to other areas like contracts and auto-renewals. The noise from these operational details is overwhelming. Addressing these issues with dedicated services can save significant time and money, allowing businesses to thrive without being bogged down by such distractions."

Josh Liggins

Director of Franchising, Inspire Brands

Focus on Growth:

Without having to waste time looking for lease or location information, Dipak and his team were able to concentrate on expanding and developing the business, which has contributed to sustainable growth and long-term success. Over five years, Anna Management opened 20 new locations, attributing this expansion directly to the efficiencies gained through technology and outsourcing.

“Operators are embracing this technology, and franchisors are catching on as well. I’m on the front lines in franchise development at Inspire Brands, working with the franchise leadership teams investing in these technologies to support their franchisees. It helps us get ahead allowing franchisees to focus on what truly matters: serving their customers. When you’re bogged down by managing leases, insurance, and other business details, you lose the joy and efficiency in serving ice cream with a smile or ensuring speed and accuracy in handing out coffee. These tools are a service to the franchisee and, ultimately, to the franchisor. We actively encourage and build relationships with providers of these tools, like Leasecake. It’s no surprise that Anna Management is leading the way, executing operations at a high level because they can focus on what matters most.” – Josh Liggins, Director of Franchising at Inspire Brands


As Anna Management scaled up, Leasecake’s platform helped them reduce risk across their real estate portfolio, so they could continue to grow efficiently and drive revenue while increasing productivity with a lean back office team. For Dipak and Dwar Patel, seeing Inspire Brands’ support of Leasecake’s technology continues to reinforce their business decision. 

The synergy between Anna Management and Inspire Brands highlights the power of combining visionary leadership with cutting-edge technology. Dipak Patel’s journey from a single Dunkin’ store to over 100 locations demonstrates the benefits of strategic innovation and operational focus. Inspire Brands’ commitment to technology and fostering a culture of innovation supports franchisees like Anna Management, reducing risks, driving efficiency, and enabling sustainable growth.

This collaboration sets a benchmark for franchisees and franchisors, illustrating the immense potential of strategic technology adoption and operational excellence in achieving long-term success. 

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