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Leasecake + Restaurant365 Integration: No Fuss Finance

Restaurant365 and Leasecake are now integrated

Leasecake is excited to share news about its integration with Restaurant365, focusing on making lease management and accounting more straightforward for the food and beverage industry. Many operators face the challenge of handling multiple systems for various tasks, creating a hassle in daily operations. From Lease management to lease accounting, the necessity to log into different platforms can become burdensome. Acknowledging this issue, Leasecake is working to simplify the lives of restaurant business operators by facilitating the seamless transfer of key financial data, including rent bills and ASC 842 Journal Entries, from our system to Restaurant365.

Leasecake and Restaurant365 platforms are now integrated for seamless transfer of accounting and lease accounting data.

Why does this R365 Integration matter?

Accuracy in financial operations is vital for any business’s success, and it holds particular importance for food and beverage franchises where the average rent prices have risen to $6,914 in the United States. Misreport on your rent and you can create a serious headache for you and your team. The integration of Leasecake and Restaurant365 aims to meet the industry’s specific needs by offering a straightforward solution for the busy lives of food and beverage operators. This solution is designed to be user-friendly, simplifying and automating essential lease management and accounting processes without unnecessary complexity.

Specifically addressing the needs of restaurant owners and operators using both Restaurant365 and Leasecake, the integration empowers them to track location-specific metrics like Monthly Asset Amortization, Monthly Interest Expense, Monthly Rent Payment, and Monthly Reclassification—all presented in ASC 842 compliant reporting. This ensures they remain in compliance, providing the necessary data for accountants, CPAs, and auditors, ultimately allowing them to focus on growing their business without the worry of regulatory lapses.

Supporting Your Operations

Meet Sarah, the owner of a group of thriving coffee shops. With five years remaining most of her leases, effectively managing assets like the cash register and espresso machine is paramount for success. Before integrating Leasecake with Restaurant365, manual tracking posed compliance risks and added extra work for her team.

Now, the integrated solution streamlines Sarah’s lease management effortlessly. Leasecake handles location and asset leases, while Restaurant365 manages broader accounting and operating needs. This ensures compliance with ASC 842 standards for the duration of her lease. Sarah can cross off updating Restaurant365’s ledger with lease expenses without even logging into either system, thanks to the seamless integration provided by Leasecake.

In the competitive coffee shop industry, precise insights are vital. The integrated solution generates ASC 842 compliant reports, enabling Sarah to track Monthly Asset Amortization and Rent Payments for her location and store assets. This not only satisfies the demands of accountants and auditors but also empowers Sarah to make well-informed decisions.

The result? Sarah can now focus on delivering a delightful coffee experience, confident that the integrated solution efficiently manages leases and assets, ensuring compliance, and contributing to her team’s overall efficiency.

Key Benefits to the R365-Leasecake Integration

1. Ease of Set-Up

Setting up the Leasecake and Restaurant 365 integration is a breeze. The process is user-friendly and straightforward, ensuring a quick and hassle-free configuration. Users can easily connect the platforms without the need for extensive technical know-how, allowing them to swiftly benefit from this integration.

2. Set It and Forget It

One of the most appealing aspects of this integration is its set-and-forget nature. Once configured, the system takes care of the rest, ensuring that rent bills and ASC 842 journal entries are automatically sent from Leasecake to Restaurant365. This feature allows business professionals to focus on strategic decision-making rather than getting bogged down by manual tasks.

3. Save Time: Reduction of Manual Effort

Time is money, and the integration between Leasecake and Restaurant365 is designed to save both. By automating the transfer of crucial financial data, the need for manual input is significantly reduced, minimizing the risk of errors and freeing up valuable resources for more strategic initiatives.

The Significance of the Integration

Leasecake, recognized as a key player in lease management for restaurant franchise owners, continues its unwavering commitment to serving this industry. Being the first and only lease management company integrated into Restaurant365 further underscores this dedication. For food and beverage owners and operators, this integration bridges the gap between two daily-use systems, minimizing logins, bringing data to their fingertips, and reducing manual tasks. This streamlined process ensures more time for strategic financial planning. 

The Leasecake + Restaurant365 integration is a win-win for food and beverage operators. By simplifying lease management and accounting, it streamlines operations, reduces manual tasks, and ensures all team members have the access to the data they need, when they need it. At Leasecake, our objective is straightforward – championing the success of the restaurant industry through innovative and efficient solutions. Experience the simplicity and effectiveness of Leasecake + Restaurant365 Integration, because financial success shouldn’t be complicated. Get a demo

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