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The Complete Guide to Automated Leasing for Multi-Unit Operators

Lease automation software saves time and money for restaurant and retail operators

In the dynamic landscapes of the restaurant and retail industries, lease management for multi-unit operators with 10+ locations is complicated and therefore lease automation software is a must have. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the challenges faced by these businesses, the benefits of automated lease management, key features to look for, and how to choose the right solution.

What is Automated Leasing?

Automated leasing uses lease management software or lease administration software to streamline and automate the processes associated with managing leases for real estate, equipment, or other assets. This type of software is particularly valuable for businesses, especially those with multiple locations or assets, as it helps simplify complex lease-related tasks, enhance efficiency, and reduce the risk of errors.

Key Features of Automated Leasing

Key features and functionalities of automated leasing include:

Lease Tracking and Organization: Leasing software provides a centralized repository for storing and organizing lease agreements, terms, and related documents. This makes it easy to access and manage lease information for multiple properties or assets.

Alerts and Notifications: Automated reminders for critical dates, such as lease expirations, rent increases, or maintenance requirements, help users stay on top of important events and deadlines.

Financial Management Using Lease Accounting Software: Lease accounting software is absolutely crucial for any operator managing multiple units. The software includes tools for automating financial aspects of lease management and lease accounting, such as calculating rent, tracking payments, and generating financial reports. This contributes to accuracy in financial planning and forecasting. Therefore lease accounting software can’t be overlooked as an important tool.

Compliance Management: A good lease management system incorporates features to monitor and ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements such as ASC 842. This is crucial for businesses operating in industries with complex and ever-changing regulations.

Document Management: Version control, secure storage, and easy retrieval of lease-related documents are facilitated by lease management software. This helps in maintaining accurate and up-to-date records.

Automation of Repetitive Tasks: The leasing software automates routine and repetitive tasks, such as generating lease-related reports, sending notifications, and updating databases. This reduces the administrative burden on staff and minimizes the likelihood of human errors.

Scalability: Good leasing management software is scalable, meaning it can adapt to the growing needs of a business, whether it’s expanding to new locations or increasing the number of leased assets.

Customization: The ability to customize the software to suit the specific needs and workflows of a business is crucial. This ensures that the software aligns with the unique requirements of the organization.

Automated leasing management software plays a vital role in improving operational efficiency, reducing the risk of compliance-related issues, and optimizing financial management for businesses with multiple leases or assets. It offers a centralized platform for businesses to manage their lease portfolios more effectively, ultimately contributing to the overall success and sustainability of the organization.

Challenges Facing Multi-Unit Operators Today

Operating multiple locations brings a unique set of challenges. From juggling diverse lease terms and conditions to ensuring compliance across the board, the complexities can be overwhelming. This is where leasing automation software becomes a strategic ally, offering a streamlined approach to managing leases efficiently and effectively.

Manual lease management processes can be time-consuming and error-prone. Tracking critical dates, calculating rent escalations, and ensuring compliance become Herculean tasks. The repercussions extend beyond operational inefficiencies to financial inaccuracies and potential legal risks. It’s time to address these pain points head-on with leasing automation software.

Benefits of Automated Lease Management

Operational Efficiency

Leasing automation software excels in streamlining lease tracking and renewals. Its centralized dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of all lease information, allowing multi-unit operators to manage their portfolio effortlessly. No more flipping through stacks of paperwork or navigating complex spreadsheets.

Financial Accuracy

Automated rent calculations and invoicing eliminate the risk of human error, ensuring precise financial management. The software also provides alerts for upcoming payments and critical dates, preventing oversights that could impact the bottom line.

Risk Mitigation

Compliance tracking is a critical component of lease management, especially for businesses with multiple locations. Leasing automation software offers real-time monitoring of regulatory changes, along with reminders to ensure adherence to lease terms. This proactive approach mitigates risks and safeguards the business from potential legal issues.

Time and Resource Savings

By automating repetitive tasks, leasing automation software reduces the administrative burden on staff. This not only enhances productivity but also allows employees to focus on more strategic aspects of their roles. The time and resource savings translate into significant benefits for the entire organization.

Features to Look For in Automated Leasing Management Software

Centralized Dashboard

A user-friendly dashboard provides a centralized hub for all lease-related information. Customizable reporting features offer deeper insights into the portfolio’s performance, enabling data-driven decision-making.

Automation Capabilities

Lease renewal reminders and automated rent escalation calculations are indispensable features. These functions not only save time but also contribute to better lease management strategies.

Document Management

Secure storage for leases, agreements, and related documents is a non-negotiable requirement. Version control ensures that the latest and most accurate information is always accessible.

Compliance Tracking

Leasing automation software should actively monitor regulatory changes and provide alerts for compliance issues. This feature is crucial for businesses operating in industries with ever-evolving legal landscapes.

Automated Leasing Management Case Studies

Real-world examples speak louder than words. Take, for instance, a leading restaurant chain that implemented Leasecake’s lease management software and saw a 45% reduction in lease admin time. Another retailer reported a 15% increase in operational efficiency within the first six months of adopting the software. These success stories underscore the tangible benefits that automated lease management can bring to multi-unit operators. Check out more of Leasecake’s customer stories here.

Choosing the Right Automated Lease Management Solution

Selecting the right leasing automation software is a pivotal decision. Consider customization options, scalability, user-friendliness, and integration capabilities with other systems. Tailoring the software to meet specific business needs ensures maximum efficiency and return on investment.. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind:

Ease of Use

Opt for a lease management platform that prioritizes user-friendliness. The interface should be intuitive, requiring minimal training for franchise owners and administrators to effectively utilize it. A seamless user experience ensures a smooth transition and faster adoption. Leasecake, ranked #1 in 31 categories for lease management and lease accounting, excels in Ease of Use.

Low Cost and Value for Investment

Cost-effectiveness is crucial. Evaluate platforms that align with your budget while providing significant value. Consider not only the initial investment but also ongoing costs, potential ROI, and the platform’s ability to save time and resources in the long run. Leasecake makes lease management easy and affordable, starting at just $6 per location!

Real Estate Expertise and Professional Services

Access to real estate experts can be a game-changer, especially for complex lease negotiations and compliance. Choose a platform provider that offers optional professional services, allowing you to tap into expert advice when needed. Additionally, having a support system of knowledgeable professionals ensures confident decision-making.


Every business’s needs are unique. Look for a platform that allows customization to align with your specific lease management requirements. Moreover, as your franchise expands, the platform should seamlessly scale to accommodate your growing portfolio without compromising efficiency.


In the era of remote work and flexibility, cloud-based access to the platform is crucial. Ensure your team can securely access lease data from anywhere by confirming the platform has an easy-to-use and accessible mobile app.

Customer Reviews

Research peer reviews and testimonials from businesses that have implemented the platform. Their experiences can provide valuable insights into the platform’s real-world performance and benefits. Leasecake is ranked #1 in 31 categories for Lease Administration and Lease Accounting by G2, showcasing its industry-wide acclaim.

While each business has unique needs, considering these factors will better equip you to select a lease management platform that streamlines operations, enhances efficiency, and positions your franchise for success.


In conclusion, leasing automation software is more than just a tool—it’s a strategic investment for multi-unit operators in the restaurant and retail industries. The operational efficiency, financial accuracy, and risk mitigation it offers are crucial for sustaining and growing a business with over 10 locations.

Ready to experience the transformative power of leasing automation software? Schedule a demo with Leasecake to learn more about our lease management software.

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