Lease and Location Management for Hair & Beauty

Streamlining and automating lease and location management for salons

lease management for salons
lease management for hair salon

Making Lease Management a Piece of Cake

Leasecake’s easy-to-use lease management platform offers the hair & beauty industry one single source of truth to manage all of your lease and location details, rent schedules and clauses, so you never miss another renewal option, tenant allowance, or other critical date.

leasecake lease accounting software to assist with communication for all lease accounting needs for franchisors

"We needed to have a strong system in place to manage our real estate, not just for lease dates, but for many other things. That's where Leasecake has helped us greatly. I wish I'd started earlier, because the lease management software really helped us."

Gary Robins

SuperCuts Franchisee & President of the SuperCuts Franchise Advisory Council 

Location Management: Beyond the Lease

Our platform isn’t just built to manage your leases. Any contract, agreement or document that is associated with your location can be stored in Leasecake’s platform, for full location visibility.

This Includes


Licenses &


Real Estate

Why Salons Choose Leasecake

Reduce Risk​

Gain total transparency into upcoming renewals and critical dates to maintain locations.

Negotiate Better Lease Terms​

Consolidate lease data to negotiate more favorable terms and reduce costs​.

Never Fail an Audit

Ensure adherence to ASC 842 and IFRS 16 regulatory requirements with certainty.

Do More with Less

Automate and efficiently manage lease data, dates and dollars across all locations, without additional headcount​.

Grow With Confidence ​

Our award-winning platform scales with you, so taking on new locations is a piece of cake.​

Work Smarter with AI

Our AI tools give you instant answers to any questions you have about your lease and location data.



As Gary Robins’ portfolio of SuperCuts franchises expanded, lease management emerged as a pain point that was no longer manageable with spreadsheets. 

Trustworthy Real Estate Services

In addition to lease abstraction, Leasecake’s team of real estate experts is available to assist your team with annual CAM and Tax Reconciliations, Lease Restructuring consultations, and many other real estate services to provide you with actionable insights to save money.

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Let us show you how easy lease management can be. 

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