What We Believe

At Leasecake, we believe managing a portfolio of leased properties should be easy and accessible. We believe in a world where you don’t worry about missing a lease renewal. And we believe you should never lose track of your stuff again.

How it All Began

In 2015, two guys met for coffee at a diner and talked about the challenges of managing commercial real estate. Jim Bankston was a developer, landlord, and broker. Taj Adhav was a recovering CPA and tech startup veteran immersed in commercial real estate since he was a kid.

Jim shared his business pain points and convinced Taj there should be an app to make them all go away. Energized by the potential, Taj got up from the table, walked out of that breakfast joint in Winter Park, Florida, and immediately… did nothing. For two years.

But Taj never forgot about the idea.

Two years later, in the fall of 2017, he pitched the idea for Leasecake at the Techstars Global Startup event in Orlando. After winning the local award, went on to Leasecake win the Global Showcase in a field of entrepreneurs from 200 cities, 58 countries, and six continents.

The concept resonated with a broad spectrum of people because every business either rents or owns property. From the most prominent global corporations to local mom-and-pop operators, they all have the same struggles.

So, after winning the competition and realizing they had just founded a company, Taj and Jim started building a team. Taj connected with three colleagues from Channel Intelligence, a previous startup that exited to Google. They stepped up to the plate along with a talented software developer, and the core team was in place.

Over the next 18 months, the six of them parked in Jim’s 300-square-foot office and brought Leasecake to life. By mid-2019, the dev and sales teams grew, and the customer list was dense with recognizable brands.

After a $3 million venture capital round in early 2021, the dev, sales, and customer success groups scaled up to accommodate current demand and anticipated growth.

We all come to work every day with one goal:

To make lease management a piece of cake.

Company Values

We believe time is the most precious thing in life, so we empower our people to use it wisely. Our values are reflected in our everyday interactions and serve as guiding principles as we strive to become the most admired, efficient, and easy-to-work with company in the world.

Build Trust

Trust is our foundation. We actively nurture it in every interaction, ensuring collaboration and mutual respect remain paramount.

Practice Empathy

Compassion  is our north star. We make it a daily practice to understand and resonate with the perspectives and needs of those around us.

Stay Curious

The horizon beckons, and we chase it. Every day, we actively seek new knowledge, embrace change, and challenge the norm.

Center on the Customer

Customers guide our path. We prioritize their needs, ensuring our offerings always deliver the best value.

Be Accountable

We stand by our word. Every commitment we make is backed by action, with each of us owning our responsibilities and outcomes.

Speak with Candor

Truth guides our voice. We ensure transparency in our dialogues, fostering an environment where openness paves the way for growth.

Mix in Fun

Joy is our secret ingredient. We sprinkle it generously in what we do, ensuring a lively, positive, and spirited environment for everyone.

Meet the Great People Behind Leasecake

Our Team

Taj Adhav Founder
Scott Williamson
Scott Williamson Chief Executive Officer
David Schrader Chief Product Officer, Co-Founder
Sanaa Mahtani
Sanaa Mahtani Vice President, Finance
Michel Benjamin
Michel Benjamin Vice President, Marketing
Marco Ledesma Director of Engineering
Kristi Kent Chief of Staff
Lauren Davis
Lauren Davis Director of Customer Success
Heather Thomas Senior Real Estate Manager
Tara Hudson Senior Real Estate Manager
Steve Jamesson Senior Design Engineer
Erika Carleton Senior Manager, Sales
Brad Bornmann Senior Manager of Customer Success
Chloe Wynn-Jones Account Executive
Mila Decker Senior Developer
Ross Shaw Software Engineer
Max Porter Director of Sales
Miros Nava Junior Engineer
Jenny Wakefield
Jenny Wakefield Product Marketing Manager
Christie Whitaker Quality Assurance Specialist
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