Lease Restructuring Services

Let us help you improve your lease to save more money

Optimize Your Lease to Save Money

Our real estate experts are available to review your lease clauses for gaps or vague language that should be amended to help protect and improve your position via new lease, or amendments post acquisition. 

What We Offer

Let our real estate experts review your lease clauses, identifying gaps or vague language that should be amended to protect and enhance your position through new leases or post-acquisition amendments. Our recommendations will focus on the following: 

Establish Consistent Lease Language

No matter how many locations you have or are planning to acquire, we can help you establish consistent language to protect your investments. 

Review Rent History

Your rent shouldn’t increase indefinitely. Let us help you get the most favorable lease terms, regardless of how long you have been at a particular location. 

Identify Missing Documentation

Identify any missing documents in the chain of the lease to help clients ensure complete and up-to-date real estate files.

Maintenance Responsibility

Let’s clarify the extent of your maintenance responsibility and the landlord’s so you know exactly what you need to take care of. 

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